Brahmsiana/Johannes Brahms,
11-minute-long lyrical, expansive and rhythmic movement exploration for 10 skilled modern dancers.

William's Waltz/Bill Evans, lyrical rhythm tap duet.

Rite of Summer
/Pieter Bourke, Jan Garbarek and Lisa Gerrard, 17-minute-long dance theatre piece for seven women.
Secrets/Pieter Bourke and Lisa Gerrard, abstract work with strong spatial architecture for five dancers, 10 minutes long.

Los Conejos Locos
/Margarita Lecuona, Alberto Dominguez, Ariel Guzik and Joan Garcia Esquivel, suite of humorous and athletic modern dance for advanced student performers.
Just a Few Broken Columns/Silvestre Revueltas, dramatic modern dance solo for exceptionally strong and skilled woman.
Scatap/a cappella, rhythm tap piece for 8 to 10 advanced students tap dancers, one of whom must also be a singer.

Tapadanza/a cappella, rhythm tap suite for student dancers.
Freddie the Freeloader/Miles Davis, blues tap for one to five highly-skilled tap dancers.
Together Through Time/Evans, integrated modern dance/rhythm tap dance for 9 modern dancers and 9 tap dancers.

Songs of Ancient Summer
/George Crumb, dramatically abstract contemporary work for four women and two men. Must be mature artists.

Dinner With Charlie/
Charles Mingus, humorous jazz/modern work for seven dancers, each with a sturdy chrome chair.
Remembering/J. S. Bach, hauntingly lyrical work for eight women (a response to the events of September 11, 2001).
Walkabout/Tanya Gerard, Michael Kott, Jeff Sussman, Robert Thomas. A fluidly rhythmic modern dance piece for six technically-skilled dancers.
Colony/Tanya Gerard, Michael Kott, Jeff Sussman, Robert Thomas. A powerfully rhythmic modern dance work for eight dancers based on images from New Zealand's Maori culture, using eight sturdy wooden chairs.
I'm Dreamin' of Heaven, But I Know I Been Wrong/Roy Milton and Charles Mingus, a virtuosic and raunchy woman's modern dance solo, using a custom-built bench.
Dreamweaver/Michael Cava. A lyrical, delicate and whimsical woman's modern dance solo, using a custom-built wooden cube.

Stand by Your Man/
/Patsy Cline, suite of four lyrical modern dances, suite of four lyrical modern dancesfor two men.
Dances for the Inner Child/Sergei Prokofieff, suite of seven short dances for a cast of three highly skilled modern dancers, whimsical and light-hearted.
Colloquium/Tanya Gerard, Michael Kott, Jeff Sussman, Robert Thomas, wryly humorous, rhythmically and spatially complex work for seven dancers using three wooden benches.

Suite Beethoven/Ludwig van Beethoven, dynamically lyrical modern dance, for one man and two women.
Silver Tones/a cappella, rhythm tap, for two to six dancers, perfect for a rousing closer to a concert.
Yes Indeed!/a cappella, rhythm and broadway tap, for six to sixteen dancers, requiring a sturdy folding chair for each dancer.

Passionsong/Max Bruch, rhapsodically lyrical and technically-challenging modern dance suite, for seven to fourteen dancers. Keep on Tryin'/Simon Jeffes, kinetically humorous and athletic modern dance, for eight to twelve dancers, particularly suitable for ballet-trained dancers.

Miller Time/Glenn Miller, trio for one dancer in wheel chair and two "stand-ups;" duo for one wheel chair dancer and one stand-up and solo for wheel chair dancer.
The Nutcracker, act I/Tchaikovsky, expansively humorous and cohesive original choreography of warm family celebration.
Albuquerque Love Song/Michael Cava, hauntingly lyrical modern dance solo.
Los Ritmos Calientes/Dave Brubeck, Enrique Fernandez, Horace Silver, rhythm tap Latin suite for two to six dancers.
Climbing To The Moon/Michael Cava, hauntingly lyrical modern dance solo.
Isle Of View/Simon Jeffes, lyrical fusion of ballet and modern dance with kinetic charm and humor, for nine to fifteen dancers.

Saintly Passion/J. S. Bach, lyrical modern dance suite, for three to five dancers.
Naturescape Unfolding/Brian Eno, abstract modern dance, for five to six technically skilled dancers.
Revistations/Vincent Perschetti, poetic modern dance suite, for two mature and unusually expressive women and one man.
Planctus/Steve Peters, (in collaboration with Nora Reynolds Daniel), ceremonial modern dance duet.
Incantations/Warlen Bassham, driving and primal modern dance for eight or more children.
Ceremony of the Springtime Moon/ceremonial modern dance for twelve or more children

Velorio II/Gabriel Faur, complete Faur requiem for eight to fifteen dancers, best when performed with live choir and orchestra.
How To Name It/Ilaiyaraaja, solo that fuses rhythm tap/classical Indian dance.

Incantations for Elizabeth/driving and primal modern dance for large ensemble, involving improvisation.
Rhythm on Tap/Artie Shaw, rhythm tap suite for children's ensemble.
No Mean Feet/Evans, fusion of flamenco and rhythm tap, for four dancers.
Circular Reverie/Faur, rhapsodically lyrical modern dance, for three men and six women.

Monk Dances/Thelonious Monk, jazz-inspired modern dance suite, for four dancers.
Espiritus de la Tierra/Inti-Illimani/Evans, ceremonial modern dance for children's ensemble.

Uncoiled Heart/W. A. Mozart, lyrical modern dance for two men and three women.
Danza/Inti-Illimani, abstract and lyrical modern dance for eight or more dancers.
Jumpin' With Jefferson/jazz work for six or more dancers, requires on-stage jazz drummer.

There Was A Boy/Nat "King" Cole, modern dance male solo.
Fable/Chris Shultis, ceremonial modern dance for one man and four women, requires sculptural set designed by William Gilbert.
Cuttin' A Rug, rhythm tap trio, requires one dancer with good singing voice.

Round Seven/Jesse Manno, jazz-inspired modern dance, requires on-stage musician playing body percussion.
SunRiseDanSet/Simon Jeffes, lyrical and humorous modern dance for large children's ensemble.

Suite Duke/Duke Ellington, jazz/modern suite for three men and three women.

Suite Summer/Gregory Ballard, lyrical modern dance for large ensemble.
Take One-Take Two/Eno and Bach, the same modern dance work danced twice to highly contrasting music, for six to eight dancers.
Suite Benny/Benny Goodman, ballet suite for four men and six women.

In The Beginning/Simon Jeffes, athletic modern dance for ten to twelve highly-skilled dancers, at least four men.
Comes Winter/Evelyn Jensen, theatrical modern dance for six to eight women.
Three Tangos/Valeria Munnarriz, modern dance duet for one man and one woman.
Shattered Butterflies/Valeria Munnarriz, lyrical modern dance for large adult ensemble.

Dream Tigers/Villa Lobos, modern dance work for two men and four women, choreographed to be performed in front of symphony orchestra. Soliloquy/Bill Evans, lyrical modern dance solo.
Dances For My Father/"Count" Basie, rhythm tap suite, solo.

Prairie Fever/Simon Jeffes, lyrical, athletic and humorous ensemble modern dance piece, requires at least four men and up to ten women.
Emily's Dilemma/Gale Ormiston, bizarre modern dance woman's solo.

1983 Origins and Impulses/Dimitri Shostakovic, lyrical modern dance quartet for four women. Tuesday Morning/Evans and Yoken, lyrical modern dance for five to seven dancers. Calabash Boom/Floyd Williams, jazz/modern work for two men and three women.

1982 Chartered Flight/Simon Jeffes, lyrical but sometimes humorous ballet for six men and six women. Cakewalkin' Babies/Bessie Smith, dramatic modern dance for three men and one woman. Alternating Current/Simon Jeffes and David Sannella, lyrical and dramatic duet for one woman and one man or two men. Doin' M' Best/Simon Jeffes, Raleigh, athletic and humorous modern dance for two dancers. Homecoming/Andrej Panufnik, lyrical modern dance solo.

Index/Robert Fripp and Brian Eno, abstract modern dance for two men and two women.
Diverse Concerto/Antonio Vivaldi, fusion of modern dance and ballet for five dancers.
Huntsville City Limits/Steve Kim and David Sannella, duet for ballerina and male modern dancer.
Restless Bond/Linda Dowdell, dramatic modern dance duet for man and woman.
Making the Magic/David Sannella, lecture-demonstration for children.
Concerto for Tap Dancer and Orchestra/Morton Gould, virtuosic tap dance solo.

Craps/ Mark Johnson and Joe LaBarbera, athletic modern/jazz quintet.
Mixin' It Up/Bill Evans Trio, full-evening fusion of modern, jazz and tap involving extensive improvisation, for six or more versatile dancers.
The Field of Blue Children/David Sannella, duet for ballerina and male modern dancer.

Impressions of Willow Bay/David Sannella, lyrical modern dance for two men and two women.
Double Bill/Bill Evans Trio, abstract and lyrical modern dance for five to eight dancers.

Conjurations/David Sannella, driving and primal modern dance for three men and three or more women.
Barefoot Boy with Marbles in His Toes/various jazz piano scores, surreal modern dance for three men and three women.
The Ashtabula Rag/Brian Dykstra, dramatic and humorous modern dance for one man and three women.

Bach Dances/Bach, lyrical fusion of ballet and modern dance for four dancers.


Echoes of Autumn/Andrej Panufnik, abstract ballet for three men and six women.
End of the Trail/Bill Monroe and Montana Slim, humorous modern dance for one man and four women.
Salt Lake City Rag/Evelyn Jensen, humorous modern dance for large ensemble.


Jukebox/Glenn Miller and His Orchestra, humorous jazz dance for minimum of four men and four women (very accessible to ballet-trained dancers).
1973 Hard Times/Deseret String Band, dramatic modern dance for two men and one woman.
Within Bounds/Terry Riley, dramatic modern dance to two men .
Harold/Scott Joplin, humorous pedestrian solo.

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